Fall Pre-leasing Begins November 2nd


Thank you for your interest in pre-leasing with Boulder Property Management!  We’re delighted that you have chosen BPM for your housing needs for the August 2018-2019 leasing term.


  • October 16th – Available properties and rental rates are viewable on the website under

the “Pre-Leasing” tab


  • October 16th –“Waiving Right of Lease Renewal” form (you are not renewing but giving

                            your place to a friend) available in office and on website


  • October 31st  – First day to schedule a showing for Thursday, November 2nd

call our office at (303)473-9559


  • November 2nd  – First day of showings


How to Schedule a Showing:


Step 1: A great way to get a head start on this process is to narrow down your search to your top 2-3 choices by visiting our website www.bpmco.com or by stopping by the office.  Projected rental rates for the August 2018-2019 year will reflect on the website as of October 16th 2017.

Step 2: Call our office at (303)473-9559 as early as Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 to schedule a showing.



Follow the steps below when you have seen a unit and are sure that you would like to lease with us!


  1. Yes I am 100% sure that I want the unit!
  2. Go to our office located at 1100 28th Suite 100, at the corner of 28th and Colorado next to Silvermine Subs (you can’t place a hold over the phone)
  3. You will need to bring $100 per bedroom for the hold, either cash or check…. NO CREDIT CARDS!
  4. This hold money goes towards your security deposit but it is NON-REFUNDABLE if you choose to not sign a lease, so please, please, please be sure that you love it!
  5. At the hold you will schedule a leasing signing appointment within 48 hours from the hold process. (all future lease holders need to be present at the lease signing)
  6. At the lease signing you will need a portion of the security deposit (the agents in the office will give you that exact amount at your hold but it is equivalent of one months rent that is NOT applied toward rent).


*An agent at BPM will be able to answer any questions and help with this process once you start the hold!


Thank you for your interest!

-Boulder Property Management Leasing Team