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Payment Portal Tutorial

About the Portal

  • Make sure that you have provided us with the correct email that you want your portal to be linked to!!!
  • Follow this link:
  • Click the button that says “click here to register” DO NOT INPUT ANYTHING PRIOR TO CLICKING THIS
  • Enter your name and the registration code provided to you, example R0021148. YOU ONLY NEED TO USE THE RCODE FOLLOWED BY 7 DIGITS. If you received a T-Code, IGNORE IT COMPLETELY.
  • Make sure the registration code and email are entered correctly. Your name must be spelled EXACTLY the way it appears on your lease or you will not be accepted. This means if your name is spelled incorrectly on your lease, or your last name is hyphenated you need it spelled that way when you register or it won’t recognize you.
    • If you provide us with an incorrect email address you will be locked out for at least 2 days, or until we can get you fully deleted and re-added into the system and you will still be responsible for paying any balance owed either by cash or check in the main office.
  • After you submit your information, check your provided email for a verification link. The link can take up to 30 minutes to come through, but it should be immediate.
  • Once you receive the verification email, follow the steps and click the link to verify your Rent Café account.


To Add Payment Methods:

  • Navigate to the far right under the payments tab, and choose “payment accounts”.
  • You must register with either your bank account and routing number, or a debit or credit card linked to your checking account
  • If you do not click “save” you will not be able to use this card/account in future
    • You can only have one of each type of card on file at a time. This means if you want to switch to a different debit card then the one currently saved, you will have to re-enter the information for that card if you want to use it again.

To Set up Monthly Auto-Payments

**(only an option if you are a current tenant, not for future leases)**

  • Under the payments tab on the right, choose “auto pay set up”
  • Choose option 1 to pay the amount due in full, or if you have roommates choose option 2 to pay a portion
  • Choose the account you want the payment to be set up under- you will first have to add the card or account you want to use as described above
  • Make the start date for auto pay the 1st of the next month that you want to pay on. If it is already past the 1st of the current month, no auto payments will pull for that month.
  • Make the end date of your auto-pay the month before your lease expires, aka 7/28/17 if your lease ends in August
  • Select the amount you want to auto-pay each month for rent, not including utilities.
  • When it asks about variable charges, i.e. utilities that fluctuate monthly, late fees, etc, you can input the percentage or max amount you want to pay and it will take out a percentage or amount based on the total balance for that utility for that month. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO GO FOR PEOPLE WITH ROOMMATES!!
  • Click next. You should be taken to a screen that verifies your auto pay and adds your service charge

To Set Up a One-Time Payment

  • Under the payments tab, click the main tab that says “make payments”
  • Choose your method of payment. This will relate to the service charge. If you pay by debit card there is up to a $4 service fee, if you pay by bank account the fee is $1, and if you pay by credit card there is a fee that will be added in relation to your balance owed when you go to confirm payment.
  • It will only allow you to choose to make a “make a one-time payment” if you have already entered your card information and saved it in the payment methods tab. If you have not added your card yet, see above section “to add payment methods”
  • Once you have clicked make a one-time payment under either debt, bank, or credit card, you can choose the amount that you want to enter. It will prepopulate itself with numbers that are currently owed in order to fit the total balance that is due. You can not edit the amount due at the bottom, but you can edit the numbers shown within those categories to manipulate the amount due and lower it to what you actually want to pay.
  • PLEASE NOTE! These subcategory breakdowns are not always accurate. These late fees may not pertain to you, and the posting fees may belong to someone else. If you want a clear and accurate reflection of what exactly is owed and by whom, you must call the office and ask.
  • Hit submit and confirm all of your information. The service fee will now be assigned. Please remember we at BPM in no way benefit from this service fee, and it does not go towards your rent or balance owed in any way.

************When you are making payments occasionally it will pre-populate categories with amounts already filled in to equal the full amount due between all tenants. To change those amounts, simply clear out the categories until the balance reflected at the bottom of the page is what you wish to pay. Note that you cannot pay more to one category than the balance reflected due in that category. If your account says you have a negative balance, it will not allow you to make any online payments. Category payments apply toward oldest charges first, then any new charges.

  • If you cannot access your account, navigate to the home page of the portal. There you can ask for a password reset email, resend a verification email, and see the number for online tech support. The front office is always available for help with the portal as well.

That’s it! You’re done! You should now be able to able to access your online payment portal at any time by clicking the link provided above and entering your username and password. We recommend you bookmark the link because it is very long and can easily be lost. You can also find the link under the payments tab on our website

Still Need Help?

Call the main office at 303-473-9559 or email for general help and information about setting up payments and to get your username, registration code, and portal link sent to you. We can also edit your account information if it is inaccurate. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR OWN INFORMATION!


Current tenant confused about how to set up payment at a new location? Portal saying you already have an account and not letting you register? Contact or for a separate tutorial.


Have a bigger problem? Payments not pulling, account locked out, etc?

Contact Lori Miller, Comptroller- 303-473-9559 x123 (preferred method of contact)