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Who Is Boulder Property Management?

A Leader In Property Management

  • We have become the largest and most renowned management company in Boulder!
  • We have been serving our community since 1993.
  • We have a vacancy rate under 1%
  • We are very effective at making sure our tenants pay their rent in full and on time.
  • We have created extraordinary exposure with our contemporary and interactive website.

An Expert Leasing Department

  • We have a highly knowledgeable and motivated leasing team with sophisticated sales techniques.
  • We are exceptionally pro-active in leasing every property.
  • We pre-qualify potential tenants by screening them with a criminal, civil, and financial background check.
  • We offer parent secured leases.
  • We enforce Boulder’s occupancy limitations and other local housing laws.

A Full Service Maintenance Department

  • We have highly qualified, long tenured tradesmen, specifically skilled and trained as experts in their fields.
  • We provide high quality maintenance service and remodels at well below market rates.
  • Regular inspections of premises to assure impeccable curb-appeal for your property.
  • Volume purchasing of maintenance parts, appliances, windows, etc., to save you money.
  • Effective turnover planning and scheduling to minimize vacancy.

Sales Division

  • Primarily based as Property Management Company, we also excel at assisting our clients both in acquiring new investment properties and in selling existing ones.
  • Our expert Broker Associate has been licensed for over 20 years and brings a great amount of experience.
  • Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us a valuable resource when considering any Real Estate Investment.
  • We focus on the needs of our clients, tailor an individual strategy to achieve client goals and provide unsurpassed expertise in marketing, negotiation, property valuation and real-time industry data.

Boulder property management was founded on the premise that trust, competency, professionalism, accountability, and service are not optional, but essential ingredients to the successful management of your property.

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Here Is What One Of Our Satisfied Clients Said:

“Boulder Property Management has managed and taken care of my income properties for over 20 years now. They have done everything they said they would do and more! I’ve had a zero vacancy rate, my rents are always collected on time, and they’ve always kept my properties up-to-date and well kept. I’ve just been laying back and enjoying my vacation home!” by Bob Von Eschen (Former Owner Of Triple V Enterprises).