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North Boulder, Colorado Houses and Apartments for Rent

North Boulder, called NoBo by many, lies less than two miles from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Boulder but feels like a calm and peaceful locale comparatively. Anchored by quiet residential streets, NoBo has a distinct neighborhood feel but also has a retail and restaurant scene that is on the rise. North Boulder houses to rent are within range of everything you could want, from organic grocers to easy mountain access, without the confines of hectic city living.

Location and History

North Boulder’s boundaries can be slightly different depending on who you ask. Some people say it’s north of Valmont Road while others argue anything north of Pearl Street is North Boulder. The neighborhood came into existence shortly after WWII. Large parcels of land were purchased in hopes of selling them to returning soldiers. As the neighborhood began to establish itself so did retail with one of the city’s first shopping centers, North Broadway.

Attractions and Amenities

Living in North Boulder gives you access to an ever-expanding restaurant landscape. North Boulder is known to offer a great variety of ethnic foods to expand your dining horizons. With all the great restaurants popping up in this area you might start to worry about parking and crowds, but unlike Downtown Boulder, you never have to fight for a parking space or table in NoBo! NoBo also has independent grocers and a variety of shops unique to the area.

North Boulder also offers many options to get outside and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. From NoBo you have easy access to Lyons, Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. If you want to stay in town but still enjoy the outdoors, North Boulder has plenty to offer. Wonderland Lake Park, located on the West side of Broadway, offers hiking, parasailing/paragliding launch areas, and fishing. Wonderland Lake Park also houses the Foothills Nature Center which offers a variety of nature programs to residents. North Boulder has plenty to offer everyone, from college students to families. Here are a few more spots you will want to check out in North Boulder:

  • Lucky’s Market – A local, independent, organic grocer that tries to nudge people in the direction of healthier eating. The store offers organic foods and other grocery staples at reasonable prices.
  • Logan’s Cafe – Logan’s is a local coffee shop serving coffee, tea, and baked goods. Known for its friendly atmosphere and delectable drinks, it’s definitely the place to check out for your morning caffeine rush.
  • Rayback Collective – This food truck park offers a rotating schedule of some of the areas most beloved food trucks as well as live music and entertainment, and local beers on tap.
  • Proto’s Pizza – An upscale pizza restaurant where the goal is to make you the best pizza you’ve ever had, Proto’s is a local gem. Proto’s offers a wide selection of pizzas as well as a full wine bar.
  • North Boulder Recreation Center – The North Boulder Recreation Center offers a year-round indoor pool, an extensive array of gym equipment, and a gymnastics program.
  • North Boulder Park – Another awesome community park in North Boulder, offers a great place for cross country skiers to put some time in during the winter.
  • Foothills Community Park – As the name suggests, Foothills Community Park is settled right up against the foothills of the mountains. A beautiful place for a hike or a family picnic.


North Boulder houses to rent range in size and style, from a single-family home to an apartment or townhouse. Many housing developments being built in North Boulder are very focused on sustainability and green living.

Whether you are a college student looking for a place to live outside of the busy campus scene or a family looking for a community with lots of options for healthy living and outdoor life, Boulder Property Management can find you what you need! Contact us today to start your rental search!