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Helping Our Boulder, Colorado By Partnering with With These Local Organizations

One of the things our staff here at Boulder Property Management (BPM) love is that we are local to Boulder, and a part of the community. We see our tenants out and about in town-hiking, checking out a new brewery, or at a CU-Boulder football game. Being an active part of the local community is Read More

Who May Come to My Apartment or Home?

When you’re renting out an apartment or home in Boulder, Colorado, there are plenty of people who may need to access your property. Your landlord may need to come by to perform an inspection and/or take care of repairs; if you’re moving out soon, your landlord or a realtor may need to show the property Read More

Yes You Can – Quick Maintenance Fixes For Your Rental In Boulder, CO

There’s a great feeling of independence when you move into your first apartment–you’re finally on your own! That feeling usually lasts until something goes wrong–a toilet overflows, the sink clogs, or any of a million little things that you’re not sure you can handle. Guess what–you CAN manage small fixes, and keep that independent streak Read More

Renting an Apartment vs. Living on Campus at University of Colorado Boulder: 8 Things to Consider

Deciding where you want to live as you head off to college is a big decision. Do you want the privacy of your own apartment, or do you want to live on campus? Which one is really more convenient? As you decide whether renting an apartment vs. living on campus is the best option for Read More

5 Reason Why Boulder is a Great Place to Find Yourself

If you’ve spent time on Pearl Street or taken in some of the natural beauty up at Chautauqua Park, then you already know that Boulder is a pretty great place to land. The local area is diverse, dynamic, and full of unique opportunities for a variety of adventures all year long. On top of all Read More

Student Checklist: What to Do Before You Leave for Break

Heading home for winter break is a weight off your shoulders. You’ve taken care of your midterms and finals, you’ve turned in all of those last-minute projects, and you’re ready to relax with friends and family back home before a new semester starts. Whew! Before you head home, however, there’s one more project you should Read More

7 Questions to Ask When Looking for your First Apartment

If you’re a college student and you don’t plan to commute, looking for Boulder apartments for rent is a priority. Many colleges have dorms, but if you’d rather not live in a dorm, you’ll have to find affordable housing elsewhere. As a college student, chances are that this is your first time renting an apartment Read More

Parental Concerns About Off-Campus Housing in Boulder

You know your child is growing up, but after a lifetime of protecting her, it can be hard to let go. While college students are gaining the responsibility to survive living alone, parents still need the reassurance they are completely safe and comfortable with the assistance they need to blossom into adulthood. While you’ve done Read More

Beyond Boulder: Discover 5 More Colorado Wonders

There is a reason that most Boulder residents never want to leave their area: besides the natural ambiance that enfolds and entrances visitors and locals alike, Boulder also creates a freedom and calm not found in larger metropolitan areas like Denver. However, that is not to say that Boulder is a paradisal anomaly in the Read More

What Should I Do With My Family During CU Boulder Parents Weekend?

University of Colorado Boulder parents weekend is approaching quickly and your schedule is still empty. Students who have spent a few months in Boulder know how easy it is to find great entertainment, but it can be intimidating to find perfect activities for the whole family. While there are plenty of entertaining activities available on Read More