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Rental Property Move-in Day

Hi, I’m Angie with Boulder Property Management and I’m here today to talk to you about the steps to take to move into your new property. 

First things first, make sure that you and all of your roommates hand in your responsibility agreements to Boulder property Management. 

Second, please make sure that you are at a zero balance, meaning your security deposit has been paid in full and so is your first month’s rent. 

Third, be sure to pick up your keys from Boulder property management at noon or anytime after noon on your move in date. The most important thing about moving in is filling out your property condition report. It looks like this and we recommend you go through this with a very fine tooth comb and fill out every single line item for any kind of maintenance damages you may find. 

This is not for cleanliness, just for maintenance, and it will protect your security deposit and ensure that you get as much back as you can. If you have any questions on how to move into your new apartment with Boulder property Management, feel free to call us.