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Rental Property Move-out Day

Hi, I’m Angie with Boulder Property Management and today I’m going to give you some tips on how to move out of your Boulder Property Management apartment. 

Number one: utilities. If you have any utilities in your name, please be sure to take them out of your name by calling the utility company. 

Number two: mail. Please call the US postal service and be sure that your mail is forwarded to your new address. 

Number three: security deposit checks. Please keep in mind we only return one security deposit check with all of your names on it. Should you want any other options, feel free to call Boulder Property Management and we can list them for you. 

Number four: keys, please leave your keys including your mail key and laundry key, should you have one, on your kitchen counter at move out. No need to lock your door after you. 

Number five: forwarding address. This is very important so that we know where to send your security deposit check. Please be sure to leave your forwarding address in writing on the kitchen counter at move out. 

Thank you and feel free to call Boulder Property Management for any and all questions on how to out of your apartment.