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Receiving Your Security Deposit Return

Hello, I’m Angie and I’m Ryan with Boulder Property Management and we’re here today to help you get your security deposit back. 

The top ways people get their security deposit back is by doing an exceptional clean that starts with your kitchen. It could cost up to an hour worth of cleaning if you don’t really scrub your stove. It could cost an hour for your refrigerator, could cost an hour for your dishwasher. Don’t forget, these things add up very, very quickly. 

The bathroom is the second area where people miss out. Cleaning your bathtub needs to be cleaned deeply. That could cost an hour worth of cleaning. The toilet could cost you an hour inside and out should you not scrub it deeply. Please know you have every opportunity to receive your security deposit back by doing a very deep clean. 

Another item that people oftentimes miss are their blinds and window sills. Easiest way to clean your blinds is to turn them all so that the slats are facing down and do a really good wipe horizontally. Don’t forget the window sills and above your window. Also screens every once in awhile. One of those screens may happen to rip, whether it’s by you or one of your friends, maybe it comes out of the window. Don’t forget to put it back in and replace it. This could save you money. If it’s destroyed, call BPM immediately and we’ll get it taken care of for you.

Another item is painting and filling the holes. Our lease completely allows you to go and buy material to, you know, fill your holes and do some touch up painting that you might have incurred over the length of lease. What I find is that it’s actually cheaper for us to come in and do it after you’ve moved out. All our guys have the material on their trucks, they have the paint, the rollers, the paint brushes, and it’s a big expense for you to go out and gather all that material to do a little touch up and to do a little bit of nail hole filling. So I actually would suggest you allow us to do it and it’ll be probably a little smaller charge than you would think normally. These are just a few items that will help you get your security deposit back.

Just so you know, our company in no way, shape or form benefits from holding onto your security deposit. We want to do everything we can to help you get that deposit back. Please call with any and all questions. We are happy to help.