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Louisville, Colorado has earned its reputation for being an amazing place to live, whether you’ve moved into the neighborhood as a student at UC Boulder or you’ve moved to the area to work or raise a family. It’s a low-crime area with plenty of opportunities for engagement, community connection, and excitement. Looking for the perfect place to settle in? Check out some of these great features of the Louisville area.

The Farmer’s Market

From May through October, the Farmer’s Market delivers an array of fresh produce direct from local farmers. You can shop the stalls and check out local baked goods, local honey, and other offerings as well as farm-fresh produce that you won’t be able to wait to get on the table. Come visit on Saturdays from 9-1 and you’ll have the chance to not only browse the local produce stalls, but also meet your neighbors in style. 

Incredible Cuisine

A wide array of restaurants fill downtown Louisville, many of them within reasonable walking distance from local neighborhoods. You can find Italian cuisine at Zucca, pick up a burger that will be sure to satisfy your craving, or check out some amazing barbecue at Lulu’s, a local fixture. Check out The Huckleberry for afternoon tea or bakery favorites. Many of these restaurants also offer takeout and delivery options, which means that you can pick them up and take them home to study or spend some time with your family or closest friends. With such a wide array to choose from, you’ll have trouble deciding on your favorite restaurant! 

 Breweries Close to Home

Looking for a chance to explore new beers and other drinks from a fresh, local perspective? 12degree Brewing offers Belgian-inspired artisanal ales, while Gravity Brews offers both atmosphere and experience, whether you come in for a few drinks or explore tasting opportunities. Breweries are continuing to crop up throughout the area, with more opening on a regular basis, so if you enjoy checking out unique brews and learning more about them, you’re sure to find a place that suits your fancy. 

Regular Street Fairs

Are you looking for a chance to get out, meet your neighbors, and soak up some incredible culture? At the Louisville, CO street fairs, you’ll have a chance to encounter a wide range of events and festivals, including a street fair each year that will help you soak in the history of the incredible Louisville area. There’s regular dancing, music, arts and crafts, and, of course, plenty of food and drink to choose from. You’ll find that these street fairs are a great excuse to get out, meet your neighbors, and learn more about the area you call  home. 

Incredible Views

When you live in the Louisville, Colorado area, you don’t just get to soak in the local culture. You’ll also have a chance to soak in incredible views that will help inspire your own inner muse. Brilliant skies that seem to stretch forever when the weather is good combine with the stunning landscapes to provide a city that’s amazing to live in. You’re also just a short distance away from the Rocky Mountains, which offer their own amazing addition to the landscape. 

Easy Access to the Rockies

That easy access to the Rockies isn’t just great for the views. It also offers an incredible opportunity for sportsmen to hunt, hike, and climb, right in their own backyard! If you prefer a little horsepower to get you going, you can also try horseback riding or take an ATV out for some incredible outdoor fun. At every season of the year, there’s plenty of outdoor fun to be had: the ideal call to keep yourself active and moving. You can also go mountain biking–or, if you prefer a flatter surface, stay out of the mountains and take your bike along some of Louisville’s trails. Coal Creek Trail, for example, is a 14-mile trail that runs through Louisville and takes you through Lafayette and Broomsville. Louisville offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exercise and enjoyment, whether you prefer a calm stroll through the neighborhood or a more adventurous journey. 


You won’t find the kind of wall-to-wall shops in Louisville, Colorado that you’d find in the big city, but you can find plenty of shopping opportunities that are sure to encourage you to keep wandering through the shops to see what you’ll find next. Louisville is home to many unique local shops, from The Book Cellar, where you can lose a few hours pouring over both new and used books, to Eleanor and Hobbs, where you can find both upscale women’s clothing and a small apothecary. Wander the streets of Louisville, and you’re sure to find a shop that catches your attention!

Getting Around

You don’t have to worry about getting around when you’re wandering through the Louisville area. The area offers plenty of public transportation that will make it simple to catch a ride, whether you’re heading into downtown or heading back to your neighborhood. Local public transportation includes 9 rail lines and more than 170 bus lines. Not only that, many of the amenities in Louisville are within easy walking distance of your apartment, which means that you won’t have to worry about paying for transportation. Feeling a little adventurous and want to range out a little further while exploring on your own? The city offers electric bike rentals that will allow you to speed up your journey while still taking in the incredible atmosphere throughout the area. Are the Rockies calling your name? Are you looking for a home in an incredible area that will provide you with easy access to downtown Louisville, where you can soak in history and culture within walking distance of your apartment? We can help connect you to the ideal property for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the rental properties we have available or to ask any questions you might have about making your home in Louisville, Colorado.