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You know your child is growing up, but after a lifetime of protecting her, it can be hard to let go. While college students are gaining the responsibility to survive living alone, parents still need the reassurance they are completely safe and comfortable with the assistance they need to blossom into adulthood. While you’ve done your research and know the Boulder community is a safe and welcoming area for students and young professionals, it’s important to know that your child will have the additional assistance they may need to get started. Boulder Property Management provides a variety of student housing options that will give your Boulder CU student the freedom they crave and the safety and convenience they need.

Parent’s Top 3 Questions and Concerns About Off-Campus Housing in Boulder

When it’s time for you to allow your child to spread his or her wings and move off-campus, you have questions about the safety and convenience of their new location. Are there safe locations in Boulder that will provide your son or daughter with everything they need to thrive as an upperclassman in the area? Is there plenty of affordable dining spaces and entertainment for students to enjoy? Boulder is a close-knit town that works hard to provide convenient student housing options for college students and their families. Our goal is to offer safe, affordable, convenient options that all students will enjoy. Here are the top three concerns about off-campus housing we hear from parents.

1. What safety features do buildings provide for students?

All BPM properties are outfitted with every safety feature available to make your child feel secure and keep her safe. Safety is our top priority, so we ensure every building supplies the following amenities:

  • Outdoor lighting Outdoor lighting discourages unwanted visitors and ensures there are no unforeseen obstacles to cause unnecessary accidents.
  • Peepholes – Whether he’s just ordered a favorite meal or has friends dropping by unexpectedly, peepholes allow your child to see who’s outside without even unlocking the door. 
  • Emergency staff – Life is full of surprises. Whether a maintenance emergency arises or you lose your keys, our staff has you covered. We have 24/7 emergency staff and maintenance on call in case of an emergency.
  • A variety of locations – Some students rely on public transportation while others feel safer in a building located directly near campus. Our experienced team has a thorough understanding of all of the neighborhoods in town. We offer hundreds of student apartments and housing properties that can meet your child’s needs for public parking, transportation, and safe locations with no worries about being late to class.

2. (Liability) What is my student responsible for while using off-campus housing?

All tenants pay a deposit of 1.5 or 2 months rent at the time of leasing. The deposit is never used to pay any portion of the rent and is fully refundable within 60 days after the lease agreement ends. The process is completely transparent and all of our contracts and forms are available online for easy viewing and downloads.

It is our goal to return every deposit in full. However, sometimes damage and mistakes do happen. Your student’s deposit is designed as a safety net. Our open-door policy encourages complete communication between students and staff at all times. Your child will be fully advised of her responsibilities and have the opportunity to seek assistance any time she needs it. We understand that life throws unexpected curve balls from time to time and encourage students to discuss any concerns or problems immediately when they occur. 

3. Are your buildings conveniently located for students?

With options all over Boulder that are only short distances from campus and a variety of bike trails, it’s easy to find the right location to meet your child’s unique needs. Whether your child is interested in quick access to campus, inexpensive entertainment, or plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, Boulder Property Management has them covered. 

Some of our most popular properties are right in the heart of Boulder. Walking to every destination is a snap, and students have the opportunity to enjoy the activity of local performers on Pearl Street and the beautiful views of the Flatirons. However, East Boulder is growing, and with that growth comes many new restaurants, shops, and breweries students can enjoy. 

Easy Access to Hiking and Biking Trails

Bike and hiking trails offer easy accessibility to inexpensive outdoor entertainment and exercise. Bobolink Trail is a popular 3.7 mile loop that is good for hikers of all skill levels. It’s dog friendly and even features a scenic lake. For those who love biking, an option near Valmont Park can provide many hours of happiness. With 42 acres of trails for every skill level, every bicycle enthusiast will find something to enjoy.

Conveniently Located Near Popular Restaurants

Easy access to great food is a must as few students prefer to spend their time in the kitchen. Blackbelly Market is a dining experience not to be missed and likely to be repeated after you make your first visit. With a menu founded upon locally sourced organic food, it’s a popular option for locals and visitors alike. BRU handbuilt ales and eats brings together locally crafted food and perfectly paired local ale for a delicious combination. For ridiculously addictive sandwiches, Snarf’s is the place to go. They even deliver up to 2 miles away from the restaurant. If you’re led by your stomach, or an uncontrollable sandwich addiction (we wouldn’t blame you in this case!) a location near a great eatery might be the one for you.

Off-campus housing is a great way for your child to transition between the restrictions on campus and the full responsibility of adulthood. Students are an important part of the Boulder community, and Boulder Property Management works to ensure their needs are addressed at every location. If you have a child who is attending CU Boulder and you have more parental concerns about off-campus housing, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to hear about your student and help them find their perfect home for their next semester or year of education.