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Those looking to rent their first place to live can find it to be a somewhat scary process. Thankfully, the Boulder Property Management team in Boulder, Colorado have put together the best system to make first-time renters feel comfortable and at ease during this exciting time of life. The Naropa University student community will find that BPM is ready to help you find the perfect housing option to meet your needs.

Specific Needs of Naropa University Students

As the Naropa University website claims, it is the first and only accredited “contemplative education” university in North America. There are specific philosophies that bring students from far and wide to study at Naropa. Boulder is fortunate to have such an institution locally. BPM recognizes that we must play a role in supporting these students to meet their physical needs for quality housing. We take this role very seriously and are ready to find the right housing location for Naropa students.

It is completely understood that students at Naropa University are in need of specific qualities in their housing. Every housing community tends to have a different vibe. With that being said, not every vibe fits with every student. BPM can provide a more quiet and peaceful houses and apartments for rent for Naropa University students that may be looking for calm and serenity. We understand that meditation and relaxation are essential for students attending Naropa University. The value in finding a property management company that completely understands and appreciates this need is beyond measure. You can take the guesswork out of finding the right fit. We make it a seamless process toward finding the best living arrangement for you in Boulder.

Making it Easy for First Time Renters

It isn’t easy to be out on your own for the first time. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with renting an apartment or house. BPM is well aware of the anxiety that can come with this experience. For that reason, we do things a little differently to help you transition into independence smoothly. Some of the features of renting a property through BPM include:

  • 24-7 emergency support
  • Added safety features
  • Auto-payment options
  • Pre-leasing options
  • Checklists before lease expiration
  • Sub-Leasing options

All of these options and more are designed to make you feel supported as you embark upon a more independent lifestyle. Knowing that there is emergency support available as well as added security provides a much greater sense of comfort. We gladly provide this as a service to all of our valued residents.

Pre-Leasing Options to Find the Best Fit

In the world of house/apartment hunting, there is no worse feeling than having to settle for a place that is not quite right because you “have” to find a place to live right away. BPM’s Pre-Leasing options put you in the driver’s seat so you can find the place you want before it’s time to lease. There are over 900 properties in the BPM rental system, so browse and find the right fit. Reach out to let us know that you are looking and we can help guide you in the right direction. When you pre-lease that takes most of the stress out of the process, knowing that your place is reserved for you to move right in when the time comes.

There are many properties that will fit the needs of Naropa University students perfectly. Pre-leasing is a great way to make sure you have just the right place to call home. Those interested in leasing a house should start the pre-leasing process as early as possible to ensure that you have access to a wider range of properties. Pre-leasing is always happening, but it usually kicks-off around October and November each fall.

Feeling Safe and Secure

The world can be a very scary place sometimes. It’s very normal when you are on your own for the first time to feel a bit insecure about your personal safety. Please rest a little easier knowing that BPM is doing our part to help you feel a little more secure. With renters coming and going, you don’t have to worry about keys to your house or apartment floating around. We regularly change the locks on all of our units to make certain that the keys to your place are yours only.

Additionally, we make sure that all of our properties have peepholes in the doors so you can see who is there without ever showing your face. Lighting tends to be very important when it comes to the security of your home and vehicle. We make sure that there is plenty of outdoor lighting for our properties which helps deter theft of vehicles and other property. The 24-7 emergency support available also ensures that anytime day or night, you can get support.

Expert Knowledge of the Community

No one knows Boulder, Colorado better than BPM. With over 25 years of guiding students and young professionals through the perfect leasing process, we have it down to an art. As a locally owned and operated property management company, we aren’t just an impersonal business with a stock of real estate units. We care about the individual needs of our residents and treat them like we would our own family members.

No other company will understand the needs of Naropa University students as well as BPM. Naropa University is a unique educational treasure for the Boulder area. Elizabeth Hernandez writes in the Denver Post about the partnership between the United States Air Force Academy and Naropa University to promote the benefits gained through the Buddhist-inspired philosophies at Naropa. We understand the importance of peace and meditation to Naropa students and we want to help you find the right housing option to meet those needs.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers many of the questions on your mind. You can even review the contracts and forms on our site to familiarize yourself with the required documents. Once you know you are ready, contact the BPM team to partner with us on your search for houses and apartments for rent for Naropa University students.