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Do you have a student headed to CU Boulder this year? As students at the flagship university of the University of Colorado system, students at CU Boulder are often excited to embark on this new journey and embrace the latest stage of their lives. Choosing housing for your student throughout their education is an important process–and at Boulder Property Management, we understand the importance of convenience. This year, consider options to purchase an apartment for your CU Boulder student to move into and letting us manage it for you. With the fantastic real estate market in Boulder, now is the perfect time to make that important investment.

1. We make the rental process easy and streamlined. 

Having an apartment is much more comfortable and private for many CU students than a dorm room. Once you’ve purchased the apartment, however, you may worry that dealing with the management of that apartment will haunt you. When you choose to purchase an apartment for your student, turn the management over to us! We’ll take care of the critical details, alleviating the potential headaches associated with property management.

2. Buying an apartment means you don’t have to live with the headache of finding a property for your student each semester.

Does your student plan to move home during the summer? Have they lived in the dorms in previous years? When they return to campus for the next school year, you’re left scrambling to find them a place to live. You want an apartment building that is reputable, safe, and convenient to campus–and finding a new one at the beginning of each semester can leave both you and your student struggling. When you purchase an apartment, on the other hand, you only have to worry about finding the right apartment once–and then it’s taken care of for the rest of your student’s school career.

3. When you purchase an apartment for your student, you make their living experience consistent each semester.

Adjusting to new living arrangements–and, potentially, new roommates–is one of the most difficult parts of the college experience for many students. Figuring out how to manage a new landlord, adjusting to a new commute to campus, and even dealing with the quirks of a new apartment can make it hard to settle down and get on with the process of learning. Knowing exactly what their living arrangements will look like can also make it easier for your student to plan their class schedule and make arrangements for work.

4. We send checklists to help students prepare their apartments before breaks and at the end of the semester.

Time for students to head back home for a holiday or break? Has the end of the semester and time to move out caught your student off-guard? We provide checklists that are designed to help students prepare their apartments before breaks and at semester’s end. In many cases, these checklists, which include both security measures and cleaning tasks, have helped students avoid unnecessary charges and helped better prepare them for those critical tasks at the end of the semester.

5. We offer 24/7 emergency support for our tenants. 

One of the biggest advantages of dorm rooms, to many parents, is the fact that RAs, security, and maintenance are available when students need them most. Many students work unconventional hours or find themselves up in the middle of the night, desperately trying to finish a paper or cram for a test. Unfortunately, that means that they may need emergency support at those same odd hours–and in many apartment complexes, they may struggle to get in touch with someone in time. At Boulder Property Management, we provide 24/7 emergency support services, whether your student has suddenly discovered a catastrophic plumbing leak that could lead to a waterfall in the property below them or an electrical failure on the coldest night of the year has left them with no idea what to do next. If needed, we will dispatch someone to deal with the problem; in other cases, we can offer your student critical advice about how to handle those challenges as they arise.

6. We focus on providing safety and security for all of our properties. 

We want to ensure that every student feels safe and secure in their home–and we provide the security features that help make that happen. Not only do we change the locks on our doors regularly to ensure that former residents can’t slip inside with a copy of a key made years before, we go the extra mile to ensure that our properties are as safe as possible. We install outdoor lighting that will help students feel safer walking to and from their cars as daylight wanes and offer peepholes that will allow students to quickly and effectively assess who is at the door. We also make sure our apartments are as safe and secure as possible to help deter and slow down intruders.

7. We provide options for subletting.

Sometimes, circumstances change unexpectedly. One roommate may need to move home in the middle of the semester to help an ailing parent. Another might lose their job, leaving them struggling to make rent payments. You might simply want to sublet your apartment over the summer, if your student comes home during the summer months. At Boulder Property Management, we offer subletting options that will allow you to lease your apartment, house, or room to another tenant, freeing your student from the burden of a rent payment for a building they aren’t living in.

8. Our properties have expert staff on hand to help any way they can.

Having someone on hand to ask important questions or to help deal with difficult situations can make life much easier for many college students, who are still learning how to navigate life on their own. Keys get locked in the apartment when the roommates are halfway across the city or won’t be home for several more hours. Emergencies in the apartment occur. At Boulder Property Management, we make sure our properties have staff on hand who can answer important questions for our residents and even assist in the event of an emergency. For many parents of CU students, this provides a high level of security that makes it easier to let their students have that taste of independence.

Do you have a student at CU who will be moving into their own apartment this year? Let us reduce your stress and make life easier for both you and your student. Contact us today to learn how we can help with the process to purchase an apartment for your CU Boulder student.