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May Newsletter – 2016




  • ADDRESS: Continue to put your address on your checks, and let us know if you have a new phone number. If you are new, we need your number so that we may contact you in case of an emergency, or to show your apartment for the fall.
  • COMPOSTING: On June 16, 2015, the Boulder City Council adopted a Universal Zero Waste Ordinance  to expand recycling and composting to all Boulder residents by requiring that all property managers provide adequate trash, recycling and composting service to their tenants and occupants by June 2016. There should already be trash & recycling containers at your place, however, compost containers will be set in place soon. There will be an additional cost of composting along with your normal bill. For additional information, visit
  • GRILLS: In conjunction with the City of Boulder Fire Dept. Regulations, grills ARE NOT permitted on any balconies, patios, wood decks or within 50 feet of the building. See website for details on Open Flame Regulations,
  • LAWNS: Please read your lease, and if you are responsible for watering your lawns, you need to make sure you have a hose and the necessary sprinklers. If you see any broken sprinklers, or see any severe puddles around any of your sprinkler heads, let us know ASAP as this will be wasting water and can make your water bills high. If we find a hose/sprinkler has been shut off, you will be billed to reset the timers, etc.
  • MOVE OUT: If you are concerned about your move-out information, please be advised that the packet with all of your move-out information will be distributed about 2 weeks before your move-out dates. If you are unsure as to your move-out date, please refer to your lease or give us a call.  We’re always here to help!
  • SAFETY FIRST: Please ALWAYS lock your doors & windows.  Unlocked doors & windows invite unwanted guests!
  • SUBLETTING: If you are planning on subletting for the summer, let us know. We want to make sure you have all the proper paper work so that your deposit will not be delayed when you move out, and we can help you advertise on our website. You are required to find a sub tenant, but we can help to spread the word!


Don’t forget Mother’s Day, May 8th, 2016




IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN EMAIL FOR YOUR PORTAL PLEASE CONTACT US!! Thru your portal you may pay online with your check for free or you may use most major cards! Please read the disclosures, as fees will apply for credit cards on your portal.  The online service fees are added to your payment amount on credit card payments, but are not send thru to your statement, they are retained by the third party processor, and only the original balance will be seen on your statement.



BPM DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH AS FORM OF PAYMENT IN OUR OFFICE DUE TO INSURANCE REGULATIONS!  If you wish to pay with cash, please contact the accounting department, and they will send you a payment stub that you may take to ACE cash express or 7-11 where you may make a cash payment to your account. There is a small fee collected by Ace and 7-11 for this service.  Cash is not accepted in our office.